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Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA’s)

TMA’s are a safety measure used to protect and save lives for road workers and motorist. First of all the TMA’s purpose is to absorb the full impact of high or low speed collision. Therefore providing another form of protection while road workers are on the job. This also helps to prevent major damages to vehicles. In addition the TMA’s can also provide protection of high-speed travel of up to 100km/h.

TMA’s are specially crafted to fold up and down using hydraulic power to lock into the support bracket for high speed travel. Therefore reducing the vibrating during transport helping minimise wear and tear.

E Auto specialises in a variety of different compliant truck mounted attenuators. Safe Stop 180, Safe Stop SS90, Trafix Scorpion and Stuer Egghe.

We also have an in house designer to assist in custom building your TMA. Everything from chassis engineering, truck modification, fabrication, interior layout, signage and much more.

All our TMA bodies are built with heavy duty steel available in a range of sizes and colours. In addition you also have the options of checker plate floors, workable platforms with lockable doors, anchor points and drop sides with locks.

Finally we also equip all our TMA builds with a large range of emergency lighting, reversing aids and alarms and storage to choose from.

Another reason to choose E Auto we have all your truck build requirements and needs under one roof. Contact us today for either a quote or to book in your TMA build.

E Auto Group Mounted Attenuator Trucks

E Auto’s Commitment

E Auto have a proven record when is comes to manufacturing custom truck bodies. We can either supply complete custom body fit outs or tailor your current body to suit your requirements. We also have a vast understanding and experience about manufacturing and building truck bodies. Manufacturing the body is one part of the job. While there are also many other components to consider when building your truck. Due to E Auto’s vast auto electrical knowledge, we have you covered.

Safe, Purpose Built TMA’s

Our TMA’s are purpose built to ensure all requirements are met. Our experience is your gain, all builds are put through a regress r&d process which guarantees all vehicles are compliant, safe and fit for purpose.